Uncle Larry Walsh

Uncle Larry Walsh is an Aboriginal cultural leader and storyteller. Inspired by his local Aboriginal community, plus his own Kulin ancestral blood connections to country, Uncle is one of the only senior Elders in Melbourne who focuses specifically on storytelling. A pure storyteller, his focus on the oral tradition, is an important expression and make up of Aboriginal culture. He wishes to express that Aboriginal people live as much in the modern world as intimately as they are connected to their past.


Borrow a Living Book

Sit down with an Elder who will share a story of their lived experience. Immerse yourself in rich stories from four fabulous and fascinating Elders in an intimate and personal setting. With Uncle Larry Walsh, Aunty Pattie Lees, Aunty Pam Pederson and Uncle Talgium Edwards. The setting, Big Esso (Mabu Mabu), is an Indigenous bar…

This event has multiple sessions:
March 19: 3.00pm
March 19: 4.00pm