Ricki Spencer

Ricki Spencer (They/Them) M.Ed. is a qualified teacher and current student at the University of Melbourne completing their Master of Learning Intervention. They are a public advocate for people living with a disability, transgender, and First Nation whom are important identities lived. They are completing their thesis on “Do secondary school teachers disrupt heteronormative practices in their classrooms?” which is also being published late in 2022.

Ricki is the elected Queer Greens Convenor and Co Convenor for People with Disabilities Working Group and Member of the Maribyrnong and Blak Greens. Ricki has written in areas of trans health, education,  the values of recycling waste in urban areas and  poetic prose  exploring shades of blakness through a disabled queering lens.

She is the current Convenor for Sociology of Media in Australia  of the Australian Sociological Association, elected LGBTIQ Officer University of Melbourne, LGBTIQ Community Housing Reference Group Member for HAAG, Consumer Advisory Member for CIH Australia and Peer Facilitator at Thorne Harbour Health. Ricki has over 20 years’ experience working in welfare provision as a social worker and teacher.

Ricki identifies as a transgender nonbinary person with lived experiences of disability. They are passionate about local planning issues in relation to access to health and services for marginalized groups in Victoria. They have qualifications in social work, community planning and education. Ricki has also presented her finding to the Royal Commission for Disability Safety in the area of trans and gender diverse reformation in the area of health education and relationships for queer students with disabilities in Victorian Schools.



Yarn Bombers

Three minute ‘bonus’ yarns from emerging community storytellers will pop up at the start of many sessions. See them here first.  

March 19March 20, 2022   10.00am—6.15pm