Jim Everett-puralia meenamatta

Jim Everett – puralia meenamatta. A plangermairreenner man, Turbuna-Meenamatta, Tasmania. Jim worked for 15 years as a fisherman, merchant seaman, at the Australian Regular Army, in Aboriginal organisations and the public service. Wrote We Are Survivors (1984) and produced, directed, and acted in it. Written works include plays, papers and short stories. Produced One People Sing Freedom (ABC-TV 1988) and has been an associate producer on documentaries.



Treaty, Yeah

Victoria is embarking on a Treaty process – the first State to do so. How do writers from other states respond – in a creative way – to the idea of a Treaty? We’ve asked some of our most lyrical and expressive poets and writers to pen their responses. With Ali Cobby Eckermann, Uncle Jim…

September 7, 2019