Edie Wright

Edie Wright is a Bardi woman and Manager of Aboriginal Education in the Kimberley. She is passionate about programming, outcomes, improving attendance, retention and engagement for Indigenous children. Edie is working to make opportunities for Aboriginal educators to take on leadership roles and provide a culturally safe place for Aboriginal parents to communicate with teachers in English and take part on school councils and boards.



YA Blak

What makes intriguing writing for young adult readers? Edie Wright talks to award-winning writers Kirli Saunders, Jared Thomas and Teela May Reid.

March 20, 2022

Education Day

Explore the rich history of First Nations storytelling through a special education event at State Library Victoria. Blak & Bright is hosting our first-ever education day at State Library Victoria for secondary students in years 9 -10. Featuring award-winning authors Kirli Saunders (Bindi), Jared Thomas (Songs that sound like blood), Thomas Mayor (Freedom Day) and…

March 17, 2022