Coral Reeve

Ngata, I’m Coral and I am a Gunditjmara woman living in Djilang (Geelong), I’m currently completing my Master of Arts, Writing and Literature. After 10 years of studying, writing and publishing work I will aim to run an Editing/publishing business as well as tutoring. I’m a mother to a beautiful boy and love to go hiking, camping and exploring the natural world. My son and I had a bit of a rough start with having to flee Melbourne due to DV, which meant leaving all our family there and starting new in Geelong. What I’ve learned from writing is it is an outlet that offers so much more than words on a paper, that every punctuation, letter and word has its own impact.



Yarn Bombers

Three minute ‘bonus’ yarns from emerging community storytellers will pop up at the start of many sessions. See them here first.  

March 19March 20, 2022   10.00am—6.15pm