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Blak & Bright is back in 2019.

Blak & Bright is a First Nations Literary Festival based in Melbourne, and established in 2016. Blak & Bright is a four day showcase which celebrates the diverse expressions of First Nations writers, covering all genres, from songs to essays, oral stories to epic novels, and from plays to poetry.

We believe that Blak stories are for everyone.

This Festival is unique, with over sixty First Nations artists front and centre. Through the Festival we hope to build and broaden the readership and audiences for First nations writing and storytelling in the belief that First Nations stories are exciting and relevant to all. It is timely that this second iteration of Blak & Bright is happening during the UNESCO International Year of Indigenous Languages, as our core values centre around raising awareness of Indigenous stories and languages.

The 2019 Blak & Bright is bold and expressive, with new events including a music concert at Melbourne Museum’s Nocturnal, a dinner and storytelling experience at Charcoal Lane, and the Yung Tent Embassy, where young Blaktivists are guided by the formidable Dr Gary Foley.

We believe First Nations writing is relevant and exciting to literature lovers, readers, audiences and listeners everywhere.

This year’s Blak & Bright is happening from 5-8 September 2019.

Blak & Bright acknowledges the Kulin Nations, on whose traditional lands this Festival takes place.


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