Victoria Grieve-Williams

Victoria Grieve-Williams is Warraimay from the mid-north coast of NSW and is an historian with a particular interest in making history functional to the aspirations of Aboriginal people. To this end, she has major ARC-funded projects on the history of the Aboriginal family and phenomenon of the children born of war in Australia during the war in the Pacific 1941 – 44. She is also actively working to develop approaches to knowledge production that reflect the philosophical base of Aboriginal people and has significant connections with Indigenous scholars working in this field across the world.



Aboriginal Philosophies and Healing

In a world dominated by Western philosophies hear three extraordinary Blak thinkers in conversation. Victoria Grieve-Williams will speak to the concept of Makarrata, a peacemaking process after a conflict, which begins with truth-telling. Dr Gregory Phillips established the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation and has a PhD in Psychology. Uncle Jim Everett, puralia…

September 7, 2019