Gregory Phillips

Professor Gregory Phillips is from the Waanyi and Jaru peoples, is a medical anthropologist, and leads change in cultural safety and self-determination. He is CEO of ABSTARR Consulting.



Change the date? A Hypothetical **BOOKED OUT**

Blaktivists vs Blakademics argue the toss. Should Australia Day happen on 26 January – or not – and why? It’s a serious topic but we’ve thrown in a dollop of Blak humour. With Nayuka Gorrie, Yvette Holt, Liza-Mare Syron and Jason Tamiru. Moderator Gregory Phillips. Presented in partnership with Melbourne Writers Festival and the Wheeler…

September 5, 2019

Aboriginal Philosophies and Healing

In a world dominated by Western philosophies hear three extraordinary Blak thinkers in conversation. Victoria Grieve-Williams will speak to the concept of Makarrata, a peacemaking process after a conflict, which begins with truth-telling. Dr Gregory Phillips established the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation and has a PhD in Psychology. Uncle Jim Everett, puralia…

September 7, 2019