Glenn Shea

Glenn Shea is an award-winning writer and the first Aboriginal person to graduate NIDA with a degree in Dramatic Art.

Researcher/curator the History of Blak Theatre 1967 – 2000 with a one-year exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney).

Inventor/facilitator the Indigenous cultural education resource “THE STORYTELLER” board game, which provides knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people, society and culture from a generic and non-political perspective through active learning pathways.

He is a retired frontline Koorie youth justice worker, Wathaurong Aboriginal Cooperative, he wrote the WEP, fulltime education and development program as well as a ten-day cultural gathering camp around the boundaries of country for Aboriginal adolescent young people who came into contact with the criminal juvenile justice system. Glenn has competed for and won tenders with the State Government of Victoria and Southern Metropolitan Health for Alfred Health, Alfred, Caulfield and Sandringham Hospitals, Monash Medical Centre as well as Inner South Community Health with cultural awareness and safety training.

Glenn has also written An Indigenous Trilogy and was commissioned by Country Arts SA to write for their Aboriginal Diggers Project, his play MI:WI 3027 was presented in the Raukkan Community Hall on the 23rd April and on ANZAC Day 25th April 2018 in the Dunston Theatre South Australia. Glenn has also been the MC for the Adelaide Festival and the MC for the AFL’s Dreamtime at the G Presidents Dinner between Richmond and Essendon at the MCG.



Blak Mama: Five plays in a day

Five First Nations playwrights. Five full-length play readings. All in one day. Plays include Coconut Woman by Maryanne Sam, Flashblaks by Jacob Boehme, Cottagers and Indians by Drew Hayden Taylor,  MiWi 3027 by Glenn Shea, and Swim by Ellen van Neerven.    Presented in partnership with La Mama and the University of Melbourne (VCA). SCHEDULE…

September 8, 2019