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Rachel Bin Salleh

Rachel Bin Salleh is descended from theĀ Nimunburr and Yawuru people of the Dampier Peninsula in the far north Kimberley of Western Australia. She grew up in the pearling town of Broome and took up an editorial internship at Magabala Books in 1993.

These were formative years for Rachel as she faced the challenges of publishing from the remote Kimberley to work with Indigenous writers, storytellers and illustrators from across the country. It was an introduction that fuelled her passion to empower Indigenous creators, and for more than twenty years she has worked to ensure their place on the national literary stage.

Rachel has served on the Board of Magabala Books and has worked as a bookseller, freelance editor and promotions spokesperson. She has recently taken up the role of Publisher at Magabala Books.