Why I Read Blak – David Astle

Writer and crossword-maker David Astle considers an important lesson he’s learnt from reading Blak.

In 2015 I wrote about riddles. My research led me to the Gamilaraay people of the Walgett area who revelled in riddles and elaborate skipping games. I also found a riddle poem by Lionel Fogarty called Big ‘N’ Riddle which ends on the paradox, ‘The end is never the end…’ That line alone is why I cherish the Blak voice, because nothing ever ends – not a poem, not a people – and the beginning is just the start.

(You can read Big ‘N’ Riddle here)

David Astle is an author and a crossword maker for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, as well as Wordplay columnist with Spectrum.

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